Precision partials & dentures
Say good-bye to ill-fitting dentures and partials that slip and irritate. Dr. Limperis customizes the latest options for the ultimate in comfort and beauty. You’ll find his dentures and partials to be flexible, comfortable and, of course, functional.

Nonsurgical gum care
Our experienced hygienists give comfortable cleanings and use comprehensive management techniques for the treatment of gum disease.
We also use Arestin® antibiotic therapy as a supplement to scaling and root planing to help reduce pocket depth in patients with gum disease and to help prevent the need for periodontal surgery.

One-visit root canals
Root canals eliminate pain and infection while saving the tooth. Dr. Limperis has special training in endodontics to offer you the latest endodontic techniques that allow for many cases to be treated in a single visit.

Patient-first child care
Dr. Limperis makes every effort to ensure that fear of the dentist never develops in your child. This is accomplished through a caring attitude, a soft touch and an emphasis on your child having an overall pleasant dental experience.


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